Villa "Le Lac" (Petite villa au bord du Lac Leman)

Year: 1923 / Place: Corseaux/Vevey, Switzerland


Architecture and Landscape Views 

Barely a handful of Le Corbusier’s buildings were selected by the architect to become the subject of a book: the Unité d’Habitation in Marseilles, the chapel of Notre-Dame du Haut in Ronchamps, the Philips Pavilion in Brussels, and the little house for his parents on Lake Geneva (Le Corbusier, Une Petite Maison, Girsberger, Zurich, 1956). Admittedly, the few pages that Le Corbusier devotes to the history of the design and construction of the “little house” (Petite Maison) are just as informative in terms of what they contain as in terms of what they leave out or deliberately obscure:

“In 1922, 1923, I took the Paris–Milan express or the Orient Express (Paris–Ankara) several times. I carried a plan for a house in my pocket. The plan before the site? A plan for a house to find a site for it? Yes” (1). (1922, 1923, je prends à plusieurs reprises le rapide Paris-Milan ou l'Orient-Express (Paris-Ankara). J'emporte un plan de maison dans ma poche. Le plan avant le terrain? Le plan d'une maison pour lui trouver un terrain?)

FLC 32303 "Sketch of the garden in perspective with view of the lake and mountains / Overleaf, annotations"

FLC 9419 "Drawing and sketches of floor plan in situ with interior layout, dimensions, legend and notes, facade in situ with legend and figure / Sketch in interior perspective, partial floor plan and section"

FLC 9368 "Section with dimensions, legend and notes / Interior perspectives with views of the furniture, annotations / Number 4"

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