Couvent Sainte-Marie de la Tourette

Year: 1953 / Place: Eveux, France

« I came here. I brought my sketchbook as usual. I drew horizons, I oriented the sun, I sniffed out the topography. I decided on the place where it would be, as the place was not at all decided upon. In choosing I committed either a criminal act or a worthwhile one. The first thing to do is to choose. » (1)
Le Corbusier was 66 years old when he designed the project for the convent of la Tourette. The program proposed to him by Father Couturier allowed him, more than other projects, to bring together his architectural theories. The decomposition of Purist painting, the Mediterranean lesson of the voyage to the Orient, the search for a standardization of forms and production, the "law of Ripolin", the spiritual quest begun with the search for Catharist origins, each one of these aspects of the Corbusian idiom finds itself incorporated in the walls of the convent.

FLC 1234 "Sketch of exterior perspective facing convent, north-west view / Sketch of landscape / Sketch plan / Legends"

FLC 1149 "Sketch study of south facade (church) and passage / Color, figures, annotation"

FLC 1045A "Floor plan with dimensions, legends and notes, interior layout"

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